Saturday, March 31, 2012

Deep Green Resistance - Quotes from Chapter 4 "A Culture of Resistance"

"Resistance is a simple concept:  power, unjust and immoral, is confronted and dismantled.  The powerful are denied their right to hurt the less powerful.  Domination is replaced by equity in a shift or substitute of institutions.  That shift eventually forms new human relationships, both personally
Most of the population is never going to join an actual resistance,  We’re social creatures: by definition, it’s hard to stand against the herd.  Add to that how successful systems of oppression are at disabling the human capacity for resistance.  As Andrea Dworkin said, “Feminism requires precisely what misogyny destroys in women:  unimpeachable bravery in confronting male power.”  The pool of potential resisters is going to be small.  Conformity brings rewards and privileges: fighting back brings punishment and alienation  Most people are not psychologically suited to the requirements of resistance.  The sooner we accept that that, the better.
Personally, we can stop wasting time on conversations that will never produce anything but frustration.  Politically, we can make better strategic decisions based on a more realistic assessment of our potential recruits.  We all need to make our choices aobut personal risk.  And there’s a role for everyone.  There are people who agree with the goals of a cause but for a variety of legitimate reasons can’t undertake frontline or underground actionsl  Therefore, most recruits, by circumstance and by character, will be part of a culture of resistance.”
~Lierre Keith, Deep Green Resistance page 167-168

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"For those of us who can't be active on the front lines - and this will be most of us - our job is to create a culture that will encourage and promote political resistance.  The main tasks will be loyalty and material support."

~Lierre Keith, Deep Green Resistance page 170

Art copywrite DesertDreamer