Monday, June 27, 2011

"Civilization and Other Hazards"

"Because of its drive toward war, ecological destructiveness, and perpetual expansion in a finite world, the history of civilizations is defined by collapse.  Throughout history, civilizations have either collapsed or been conquered, the conquerors going on to meet one of both of those fates.  Collapse is the typical, not the exceptional, outcome for a civilization"
     ~Aric McBay "Deep Green Resistance"

"As a means of enforcing hierarchy and regulation, civilization also makes major investments in monumental architecture and propaganda.  Past civilizations had pyramids, coliseums, and vast military marches to impress or cow their populations.  Although modern civilizations still have monumental architecture (especially in the form of superstores and megamalls), the wealthier human population is immersed in virtual architecture - a twenty-four-hour digital spectacle of noise and propaganda."
     ~Aric McBay "Deep Green Resistance"

"civilization perpetuates itself by producing deliberate conditions of scarcity and deprivation."
     ~Aric McBay "Deep Green Resistance"

"Cheap oil undergirds every aspect of industrial society.  Without oil, industrial farms couldn't grow food, consumer goods couldn't be transported globally, and superpowers coudn't wage war on distant countries.  Peak oil is already causing disruption in societies around the world, with cascading effects on everything from food production to the global economy."
     ~Aric McBay "Deep Green Resistance"

Deep Green Forest


sharonlee said...

Hello Desert Dreamer.... very thought provoking thoughts here... we are headed towards another collapse... it is very distressing;

Mankind seem to measure their worth in property ownership & construction/destruction.... it doesn't make sense to me.

Peace & Friendship

Desert Dreamer said...

Thank you for your comments Sharonlee. The state of the world is very distressing, I only hope enough people get involved in stopping the destructive nature of this culture.
Also, thank you for commenting on this blog, I had started questioning whether this blog was worth working. I do think we need to spread the word.