Saturday, June 18, 2011

Deep Green Resistance - art

A simple composition and a poem I created in the name of Deep Green Resistance.  

Teachers of madness
teachers of rage
we need you to lead us
out of this age.

The rivers are dammed
trees are cut
food is poison
the world has changed.

On the mountain
in a cave
the God of Destruction laughs
he knows the age of destruction is near.

The best of us sits
in front of a screen
we talk about peace
but everybody knows.

We need a teacher
the Teacher of Madness
Master of Anger
Magister of Rage

And we will all go


EL_CAPITAN said...

Thanks for posting this, and raising awareness of the insane and insatiable wétiko sickness which is eradicating all unCivilized (unsubordinated) life. It must be stopped, and activists who do the work of halting Civilized ecocide need people promoting the validity & necessity of it, providing refuge against the State's reprisals (& later, prisoner support), and creating an awareness which moves from excusing to accepting to sympathizing even among jurors.
Don't stop talking about this, don't be timid about what we need to happen in order to have a future.

Desert Dreamer said...

Thank you El_Capitan for the encouragement. I agree with you completely.

david said...

I took the liberty of reposting this, i think it's beautiful.
Please let me know if you'd rather i remove it :)
peace and love

Desert Dreamer said...

Thank you David! :)