Friday, June 24, 2011

Quotes & Art

"This book is about fighting back.  The dominant culture - civilization - is killing the planet, and it is long past time for those of us who care about life on earth to begin taking the actions necessary to stop this culture from destroying every living thing."  
     ~Derrick Jensen "Deep Green Resistance"

"What is your personal carrying capacity for grief, rage, despair?  We are living in a period of mass extinction.  The numbers stand at 200 species a day.  That's 73,000 a year.  This culture is oblivious to their passing, feels entitled to their every last niche, and there is no roll call on the nightly news."
     ~Lierre Keith "Deep Green Resistance"

"The dominant culture eats entire biomes.  No, that is too generous, because eating implies a natural biological relationship.  This culture doesn't just consuume ecosystems, it obliterates them, it murders them, one after another.  This culture is an ecological serial killer, and it's long past time for us to recognize the pattern."
     ~Aric McBay "Deep Green Resistance"

 Artwork © 2011 Desert Dreamer

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